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Founded in 1998, Downhill Publishing was created by a former classroom teacher to give teachers, administrators, parents, and students the tools needed to achieve daily classroom success. Their range includes the nationally recognized Fonts 4 Teachers and Fonts 4 Dyslexia, as well as various additional educational programs designed with educators and families in mind. With Fonts 4 Dyslexia Downhill Publishing hopes to create a reading culture
With awards such as 1990s “Teacher of the Year” for Desert Sands Unified School District (CA) to his name and over 20 years in classroom education, founder Ramon Abajo has constructed a balance between the creative and the technical. After realizing the need for accessible and affordable computer software to help teachers in the classroom Ramon, along with partner and global sales director Todd Blackmore, was able to build the DownHill Publishing team from the ground up. Having spent time at such companies as Pearson Digital Learning, Educators Publishing Service, and Zuk & Associates, Todd brings over 20 years of experience within the technology and educational software market to DownHill Publishing.


“(2 Fonts: $10.00)”

Two fonts to help readers to better decode the
characters,facilitating reading comprehension and
reducing stress.


“(10 Fonts: $50.00)”

Ten fonts to train children to accomplish individual handwriting skills, focusing on shape, proper letter formation, tracking, space, precision, character recognition..


“(5 Fonts: $25.00)”

Allows games to be easily created, to train the mind to correct reading and writing problems associated with dyslexia and character recognition. It also reinforces memory skills, problem solving skills, and the importance of left, right, up and down.


“(All 3 categories $55.00)”

EzRead/EzWrite/EzBrainGames is a collection of unique fonts that may bring some relief. Inspired by scientific studies, good typographical design, extensive teaching experience…